Wakeboarding is currently one of the fastest growing water sports in the world. This is in no small part down to the evolution of the cable tow. A cable-tow is an overhead cable between two towers with a line and handle attached. The rider, attached to a single board, is towed across the water.


We have the world’s best straight line cable system - the Sesitec System 2.0.   


















Parking charges:

1 Hour - £1

2 Hours - £2

3 Hours - £3

Up to 6 hours - £5

Up to 12 hours - £10

Up to 24 hours - £15


Please note that annual passes will be available to purchase on-site from April 2019, these will cost £60 per annum (April - April). 


We offer expert tuition from our passionate cable operators who will be able to coach you no matter what your standard. Be it complete beginner or a seasoned pro you are bound to keep coming back for more once you’ve had a taste of the fun offered from the cable.

We start beginners with a 20 min lesson which includes all equipment, safety briefing and land tuition, followed by 15 minutes riding time.


Experienced Riders

For those of you who are more experienced, we have 4 obstacles located along the cable. Handmade by Industry Wakeparks,  Two kickers (one small, one large) will provide ample airtime to nail that first 360s with one long flat bar and an A-frame box available to perfect those presses.


Jam Sessions April 2019-Oct 2019

We offer social sessions where riders can meet and learn from each other. These sessions run in a hop on - hop off format with riders rotating every few minutes. You must have successfully completed a beginners lesson and be confident on corners before participating.

Jam Night: Monday 5.30 - 8pm ADULT ONLY

                  Thursday 5.30 - 8pm ALL AGES



07803076917 office closed tuesdays


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