Aqua Park Booking Guide


It is critical to ensure you arrive 30 - 40 minutes in advance of your ticket time so that you can change, get into your wetsuit, and attend the briefing. The usual visit will last around 2 – 2.5 hours
Please ensure that everyone has filled in their disclaimers. If you fail to fill out the declaimers prior to your safety briefing, then you will not be allowed onto your booked session.


For corporate events please email Richard (



1. Go to, register/ login and follow the instructions on how to book.


If your booking date is more than 4 weeks away, you can reserve a number of tickets, without paying. You will have 7 days to pay for all the tickets (or just some of them).  The unpaid tickets will be canceled 7 days after you make your reservation.


2. Simply log-in again at, any time in the next 7 days after you have reserved, and a payment option will show on the first page.

Please note it is quite tiring and normally one 50-minute session is enough for the average person.


1. Head to our booking website ( and navigate to “Register” if you don’t have an account with us or alternatively log in to the booking system with your current credentials.


Please note if you have an account with us on another Sports Booker system then you will have to create a new account as these are not linked


2. From here click the green “Book AQUAPARK” button and select the number of participants you would like to book on.


3. Next, use the Callander to select a time and date that you want to visit us.


If the date shows green it means we have a session available and if the date is grey then it means we are either closed on that day or all of the sessions full


4. Click the green plus icon on the session time you would like to book and it will add the number of spaces you have selected to book into your basket.


5. Once you have completed this an order confirmation screen will appear, we suggest filling out the disclaimers here. If you choose not to then you will also receive an email with a link where you can fill out disclaimers for yourself and for a group.




You may CANCEL or MOVE a booking provided it is more than 7 days before your booking date. Simply click on the menu, select “VIEW, EDIT OR CANCEL MY BOOKINGS”, then select the bookings you wish to cancel, and click on “CANCEL BOOKING”. This will credit your account to the with a percentage of the value of the bookings you have canceled.


If you cancel a booking with 7 days notice or less, you will not receive any credit or refund.


There is no cash refund alternative.


To ADD a new person to your group, simply make a new booking for the same time and date. You will all attend the same session as a group.


To CHANGE or SWAP someone for a new person to your group, simply ask the new person to complete a disclaimer using your booking reference, then go to and use the group leader code that is on your e-ticket to change the people coming.




1. Login to your Sports Booker Account at
2. Click the menu button and navigate to “VIEW, EDIT OR CANCEL MY BOOKINGS”, you will be given a list of your bookings, select the appropriate booking and click the edit button.
3. Click “COMPLETE DISCLAIMERS” and then “ADD A NEW ATTENDEE”, once you have done this you will need to follow the disclaimer process.


Please note If the participant(s) is/ are under 18 then this must be completed by a parent or guardian.



Using the booking reference you can complete your own disclaimers for members of your party. You can also give this to other members of your party if there is a group of you. Please note If the participant is under 18 then this must be completed by a parent or guardian.
1. Navigate to
2. Enter your booking reference number
3. Follow and complete the disclaimer form and it will automatically assign this to a ticket.

If you want to change/ swap a participant please refer to “BOOKING – CANCELATIONS, CHANGING OR MOVING THE BOOKING” section of this guide


Can attend any session but must have either a parent or guardian (over 18) on-site or on the aqua park with them.


The Aqua Park is fun and challenging for both adults and children, there are parts of the park that the adults will struggle with, and other parts the children will struggle with, but it is great fun for everyone. Over 16’s can attend without any other supervision however an over 18 must complete and sign the disclaimer.


Please note if you are under 18 and don’t have your disclaimer signed you will need an over 18 to complete and sign this.



To check availability simply visit the bookings website This is where live availability is shown. As it can change by the minute, there is no point in emailing us to ask for availability.


If you see a grey box then it means we are fully booked or we are closed. If sessions are showing a green box then it means there is availability for you and your party on that session.


We will endeavor to ensure that as many inflatables (Aqua Park) are available for use, however, we reserve the right, without prior notice, to remove any inflatable or feature that we deem necessary.


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